Just like the movies (part 2)


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The little black dress is an absolute classic garment but is it a prom ideal choice? Personally, I wouldn’t count on that classical dress because there are so many other ways you can match up this stricter model and color, it would be a shame if you would be satisfied with it so easily. Last month, in my post “Just like the movies (part 1)”, another simple but gorgeous red dress.

The dress, which I will show you today is from Stoyan Radichev’s collection. Incredibly stylish and beautiful, the dress can bring all the people’s attention to you. It is black, but in the meantime so unique and fascinating that it doesn’t matter that it is a simple dress. Its model is made so it can fit your waist and it is looser down your knees which makes your figure perfect and taller like a statue. It is covered in laces and ornaments from copper which are definitely a main attraction about this dress. My favourite is the back. I adore bare backs, and this one with its laces and ornaments makes it more feminine and delicate. I wouldn’t say that the dress is suitable for the prom. You can probably make it shorter after a sometime if the length bothers you so you can wear it as a cocktail dress. It’s not a coincident that one of the candidates for “Miss Bulgaria” chose this exact dress because simply, it is an eye catching one.

I personally wouldn’t put any jewelries with it so all the accents about the dress can be highlighted. But you definitely can get a bracelet and a ring along. With a small clutch and high heels, your look will be completed. This piece and other works of Stoyan Radichev, you can find in his site – www.radichev.com

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  • missreverie
    April 15, 2015

    What a seriously stunning dress and its’ made to fit you so wonderfully. I agree with you on wearing none to the most minimal of jewelry as the front (and back) of the dress is a statement in itself! Fantastic snapshots – you do look like you’re ready to step onto the red carpet 😉 xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • mintstories
      April 27, 2015

      Thank you so much, baby! :* <3

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