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Sounds so ideal but it’s actually easier than it looks. Everything is within us, our inner energy and strength. A few days ago it was proved to me by my best friend who gave me without any occasion “The Little Book of Lykke” or as the Danes call it: lykke – happiness. And who if not Meik Wiking – the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and author of the worlds bestseller “The Little Book of Hygge” understands and knows more about happiness!? He believes we can learn a lot from the Danes and how to really enjoy the little things in life. (Trust me, my sweet Eti – @antoinettepepe, who lived in Denmark for a long time and learned a lot from their energy, culture and thinking…she proves that to me every day, they are real connoisseurs of life!) Therefore “The Little Book of Lykke” shares that “… the perfect summer afternoon includes a book and a blanket under the shadow of a tree.” However, I interpreted it on my own, in a spring-y and a little urban way, but you know of my passion to discover new and interesting places in Sofia, where I can safely enjoy the charm at a different workplace every day or just the company of friends, my lykke. And so I found KOTO, the comfort of minimalism, the grilled broccoli with pomegranate and the most delicious raw vegan dessert. Yes, healthy food can be divinely delicious! Happiness is really found in the small things. And where does your happiness lie today?



Place – КОТО/ Sofia, ul. Tsar Kaloyan 6

Green trousers and shorts – Thumbelina

White blouse and jacket – VERYCHI

Backpack and a small bag – Parfois

Shoes (green and brown) – Ingiliz


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