Into the clouds


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Today I’m sharing with you two new looks, inspired by my white and beige mood. There’s nothing I love more than being cozy and stylish at the same time. No matter if I’m running around, have some meetings and events ahead of me or working on my computer in a cafe, I always love to feel comfy and this usually is determined by the fabric or the structure of the clothing I wear. I love it when I wear wool, cotton or even better – cashmere and looser patterns… So today I’m sharing with you two incredible looks that I found on Marella and Furla shops and I think that they are a perfect way to spend the day with style and comfort. And the new Furla collection takes you straight into the clouds!

By the way I just realised that my wardrobe is almost entirely made out of trench coats so perfect for Spring and Autumn. The main reason is that I think they are so stylish, lovely and even addictive. I just can’t resist wearing this type of outerwear this past month. And of course, I think it is so gorgeous, it adds so much to a simple on-the-go casual outfit.

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