If life gives you rain, go to the sea!


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Before I thought that the rain was so relaxing and reassuring but when it’s raining in Sofia for a whole week it really made me nervous this time, especially as the forecast for the next week was even worse. So Kalo and I decided to escape quickly and quietly to the sea. The view was sunny, the forecast too, we really didn’t think too much about it, I entered on booking.com and booked one of the few nice places in Sozopol (I had a discount code from a friend, here is one for you if you decide to travel somewhere www.booking.com/s/23_8/c8301879). We hadn’t been on our Black Sea coast for so long, I had a bad memory and a bit nasty residual taste from the last time (I ate really bad food twise, I almost got hit, it was such a madness in the place where we were staying, a lot of rude behavior and other things I don’t want to remember), I had promised not to step on our Black Sea shore again but the bad is quickly forgotten, or at least it is for me.

I will not be humble and hide that we spend an unforgettable time, I didn’t believe that I would feel so good on our sea (you have heard and experienced, like I have had many stories and moments, typically Bulgarian ones, but not this time). The place that you all ask me for more information at Instagram stories is SEA SENSE, a small luxury boutique hotel located on the seashore that takes you to Greece, but with a great bonus – true tranquility. I have always been annoyed at the good places that attract many people and can’t enjoy them at all, at this time it was only me and Kalo and two foreign families, but overall the hotel has very few places. This is the SEA SENSE’s charm!

The days here go by slow and fast at the same time, especially when you turn off everything that reminds you of the big city and the responsibilities (emails, calls, duties) and leave only the sound of the waves and gulls. I managed to steal a few healthy hours (before 11:00 and after 16:00) when the rays are not so harmful and dangerous, of course, this doesn’t rule out the sun protection again. But the “cherry on the cake” was the fact that there was even a bath in our room that I couldn’t miss, especially when my bathroom in Sofia was now undergoing a repair. My ritual is a shower with aromatic peeling (I’m currently on a summer mood with coconut scent), a bubble bath and while I enjoy the bath, my hair enjoys the power of the mask in a daily use conditioner that I’m currently using – Pro -V 3 Minute Miracle of Pantene (the formula is enriched with panthenol and it always has a very good effect on my hair because it strengthens the hair and helps to reduce the split ends). The result is an aromatic symphony, a delight for every sensation and soft and dense hair, without any weight, and lastly it’s especially important for my hair in general. Honestly, I always sit a little longer with a mask or conditioner than what they say on the packaging because my hair was previously curled, tangled and styled in some way, very exhausted, dry from the sun and I feel that it needs a rich nourishment and recovery and in combination with the bath with many bubbles there you have a great home spa experience.

And so with the cold white wine, the most delicious homemade tarama caviar with freshly baked bread, bubble baths, spa hair treatments and scents, beautiful sunrises and sunsets… these few days flew away. I’m very glad that I returned to our Black Sea shore again to experience some beauty. Do not underestimate a place or a person just in the first impression, sometimes it was just a bad coincidence. See you again!


Shoes – Reebok

White dress, hat and striped shirt – Reserved

White shorts – Thumbelina

Beige shirt and white striped trousers – LC Waikiki

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