How to create an eye-catching element on your wall using frames?


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First of all, let me announce that there will be a new YouTube video on our channel soon where we’ll show you our office/studio. You’ve seen it before when it was all white. Now we’ve renovated it and turned it into a more functional and cozy place than it was before.

We kept its minimalistic look but now there is an intriguing accent – an art wall that may fully be transformed. What’s that, actually? Well, I’m giving you a hint that three of the frames that you’re seeing on the cover photo do not exist. This is an illusion that we achieved with The Frame from Samsung, which I’m going to tell you about in detail in a bit. Let me first mention a couple of interesting facts about the two frames with prints that are actually real:

1. We bought prints and suitable frames with the idea to transform them in our own way.

2. We are not painters, we can’t even draw at all, but we find great pleasure in daubing. (You already know that we “painted” pictures for our home with the paint leftovers from renovating.) That’s why we experimented with different techniques of color mixing, and we spread the colors with brushes, an unnecessary shopping card, and an old business card.

3. We used water miscible paints that may easily be washed with water. Even so, watch out for your clothes. In the shop, we were told that they leave stains.

4. We didn’t paint directly on the paper. Instead, we painted above the PVC part of the frame. This way, we made sure that we’re not going to ruin the print if we don’t like the result (because the paints may easily be washed out). Our main aim though was to make it possible to transform the prints over time without wasting paper unnecessarily. For this kind of transformation, we were inspired by The Frame from Samsung, which was the best fit for our place.

5. Unleash your imagination, take into account what you want the final result to look like, a more vibrant or a more simple accent. Make it match with the surrounding area so that it looks complete.


The Frame. This is our early Christmas gift from Samsung. You know that I and Kalo are Samsung’s brand ambassadors and we work together. The Frame is the TV model that we thought is going to suit us best and that you will see often from now on. The reason is that The Frame not only is a beautiful piece of art but it’s also a great match for our working process. You’ll find more details and features in our video but the ones that The Frame impressed us with are:

1. It looks like a painting that you’re able to transform and “paint” above. The freedom to express yourself. Starting with the frames which can be changed (we chose the white and beige ones because they are best fitting our place but there are other colors as well) and going on with the spot where it will be placed (there is a possibility to install it easily on the wall or to let it stay on its legs – short ones or longer ones which will favor us during presentations or when Kalo needs a bigger screen for editing photos or videos). We were impressed by The Frame and the way it fits the wall when we saw it in the shop. It makes it easy to achieve an illusion of a painting in a gallery, and there’s an option to shift it slightly forward or backward or to move it vertically.

2. One Invisible Connection. No unnecessary and annoying cables that have always pissed me off, the ones of TVs which may be placed on a wall. It’s well thought out that we may turn on other devices and cables via the box One Connect which we put out of sight behind the sofa.

3. Art Mode displays the best out of our work. When it’s turned on, we may work or go through our Netflix selection while when it’s turned off it looks like a work of art – it displays an art selection of ours. The technology itself provides realistic colors that keep all of the details and texture which is of high importance to our work.

4. It’s so sensitive. It recognizes the surrounding light and automatically optimizes the screen’s vibrance and color tones for a more natural look. It may also make the screen’s background color match the wall behind. Its Motion Detection feature captures our movement and when we’re not around the TV turns off to save energy.

5. Last but not least, comes this useful ecosystem that allows us to connect our other Samsung devices together. Transferring photos, videos, movies, and music from a smartphone to The Frame happens literally by one touch. In our office tour video, you’ll see how it happens and why it works for us so well and saves us time.

Well, yeah, I and Kalo may be a little overexcited about our partnership with Samsung, the new look of our office, and the office tour video (it’s way too obvious in the video, you’ll see it). But the reason is that we are true fans of the brand and we’re seeing The Frame’s great potential of fitting more than perfect in our place. There is even a sentimental side to all of this because this is the place where we met for the first time and the place that made us who we are today. It’s been so many years while we couldn’t shoot at home or at another location and our office/studio was the only place where we could be creative, doing what we truly wanted, a place which gathered us with active people and a place where many ideas and goals were born.


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