Gray shades and „Poésie d’amour“


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Hey all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend full of love and fun! I spend these last days on November working on my new blog projects but at the end of the year there is some unspeakable chaos.

It was a super cold Tuesday, worth investing in a coconut latte at Starbucks to warm up and use the time to answer a few emails too… Btw part of my resolutions for 2018 is to be vegetarian, but also have a dairy free diet, mostly for health reasons. Ideally, I’d love to be vegan (my mom and dad are also vegan for a long time). I eat vegan food 70% of the time and I would love for it to become 100% but goosh it’s super hard because I adore cheese. Тhis is a very long topic which if you are interested I can tell you more soon.

We shot these images during our stay in Trakiec’s horse base, discovering it’s new charming places. The horse base is a real blogger’s dream as it’s so beautiful and photogenic under any angle. We could have shot our images seriously anywhere and it would have looked fantastic. It was a real pleasure to spend some time there!

I don’t usually wear so many grey but I completely adore this classic color. Thank god I had my super snuggly coat and vest (from Mango), which kept me extra warm during the whole day. There’s nothing I enjoy more than playing with layers at this season. Mango is such a fantastic brand with so many great designs, perfect for going out, as much as comfortable do-to-day life wardrobe.

I’ve discovered this time and the new FREYWILLE’s collection „Poésie d’amour“. All of the pieces were actual real work of art, with such fine detailings and embellishments that captivate the light perfectly. I do love how FREYWILLE’s brand still manages to stay so boutique and targets such a specific part of people who adore art in any one of its forms.


Clothes – Mango

Jewelry  – FREYWILLE “Poésie d’amour”




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