Good food and some shades of pink


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Lately I’m not very active here and in the social networks, but the reason lies in the gift that I’m preparing for my birthday, which is in a few days. I wanted very, very much to have my own workplace/room where I can work, shoot, relax and be alone with myself. And I did it! Kalo helped me to create my room and it became too feminine, too white, bright and sentimental, but it’s my place. Now we are furnishing it and soon I will show you more closely everything we’ve done. I think this is the best gift that I could do for myself, because I’m more and more aware of the importance of having time for yourself and your thoughts… Don’t you think?

On this occasion, Kalo and I decided to give us some free time (outside of the renovation of my room, which we decided to do alone and all the other tasks and deadlines that are constantly pressing us). We stole one afternoon and visited a completely new place for us. Our company was only the delicious food, the good service, the cool location, our stories and a pink scent of pomegranate, peony and musk. Enjoy them too!


Place – Soul Kitchen

Dress – ZARA



Fragrance – Versace Bright Crystal 

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