Furla Metropolis Nuvola, a white linen suit and my beginning of the summer


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Sofia, Sofia, Sofia… One imperfect perfection that hides favorite places that remind me of other countries, you can walk with a white linen suit, Furla Metropolis Nuvola and a straw hat in the center, drink Mimosa, and people think that you’re a foreigner (probably because you are taking pictures of a lot of things around and it’s strange to others…), but also to even speak to you in English? Has this ever happened to you? It was very strange to me.

Well, with this post I formally start up the summer articles, although the weather outside doesn’t predispose us to this right now but for me it’s already summer. I’m rearranging my summer gowns (which are seriously a smaller amount as you know from the previous article), straw hats, and I can’t wait to have a good time and to get them out of the wardrobe. I promise to share with you more inspiration this summer, more unfamiliar places and more videos! <3


Bag – Furla Metropolis Nuvola

Suit – United Colors of Benetton

Hat – United Colors of Benetton

Shoes – Nike от Buzz

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