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So guys, today I will show you a way to do an everyday make up and some little tricks, with the fabulous makeup artist – Gabriela from Inglot Cosmetics. We will do a casual and simple look which you can do it by yourself every day. It is super convenient for a business meeting, work, school and why not even for the evening, if you are not into the heavy make up?

IMG_1975The products we used are:

1.Eye base– Eye shadow keeper

The first thing we put on, is this eye base which you will be surprised to hear but it is better for it to be applied before the foundation. The reason why is that if you get too messy, it is easier to remove it. But let’s get back to the main product. This is a little trick which will make your eye shadows stay longer. I personally, didn’t know how effective and useful that was.


2.The eye shadows

When we are talking about the eye shadows, you have a huge choice between types and colors in Inglot. You might get lost but you will definitely find your shadows. They have every shade you might want. Since we are talking about the everyday make up, the eye shadows should be lighter and in a small amount. Smoking eyes for example, is not suitable. My eyes make up was a combination of few pastel colors and they are collaborating perfectly.


 3.The new HD  Perfect coverup foundation

This is the newest product of the company and I would say that it is not only innovative because of the pump which you will drain the last drop of the foundation, but it is also about what it contains. Incredibly light formula, which you can use every day, doesn’t feel too heavy and also moistures your skin enough. It lasted 10 hours without making my face looking weird, oily or different. The product also mattes the skin so you won’t be needing any powder. I will get one as soon as possible for sure.


These are the main products which we used for the everyday make up. In the end, add some color on your lips. I personally chose a matte lipstick because I’m addicted to them, so we used one in nude. If you want to see if any of these products suit you, visit Inglot without any hesitation. Their policy is to help you make your choice, by applying their products if needed and they will have some tips and recommendations. That is something I really appreciate. It is a challenge for me to find the perfect foundation for myself and I usually need help for making the right choice. Make some good research by consulting with the staff and treat yourself well with the best options of cosmetics.

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