To escape from the city within the city


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Can you imagine this Monday being Friday? So today I’ll bring you right there. And no, don’t start the week with the thought that “Oh it’s Monday again”, and you can’t wait to finish it all. Still, the wheel is spinning again and we will still end up where we started. So enjoy every moment and forget the spring fatigue and depression or at least try. I have been tormenting myself with the same lately, but I have an easy recipe for you: 1. Build your coziness. 2. Take a break. 3. Get out and take inspiration all the time, enjoy and begin to take off the tasks you have, one by one by starting from the easiest and quickest to free your mind…

And after the Danish lykke – happiness, which I told you more in the previous article, today is the time for Danish hygge – coziness. This is the totally Danish thing that everyone has taken too seriously and in fact it’s so simple – pure happiness, feeling and liking of the simple things. For example, Sofia is not Paris or Milan, but there is still a charm, you just have to look at it from side to side, let it be itself with all its flaws and advantages and catch every sweet moment. So today with Kalo we escaped from the city inside the town, we didn’t want to sit in the Vitosha street coffee places, we drank our drink where nobody did it, we created our hygge. I put on my most comfortable outfit lately – a wide white T-shirt, lightweight sport trousers and a long trench coat for the moment where the sun doesn’t warm us anymore (btw everything is from LC Waikiki; there is always something casual and endlessly comfortable). So we got to escape from the norm. You should do it more often! Perhaps this is the best energy and muse we need?

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