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Today I’m such a dreamy and mellow person. It’s raining again and I fortunately have to study for my exams and I have an excuse to stay closed at home. My last session as a bachelor is now in May because my state exam is at the end of June and I need more time to prepare for it. But let me not spoil my mood now. At the moment I’m listening to my favorite music track list by Hans Zimmer and throwback to his amazing Monday concert. The best gift that Kalo and I could have for our anniversary. Kalo and I have an unwritten rule – we always share experiences and moments together, not just exchange prizes and presents. So we realized at one point that only those innermost emotions and moments make us truly happy and alive. All those memories afterwards. The stories which we will tell thereafter. Every material gift can be forgotten and discarded. It gets old and loses its value. Sharing and spending your time with someone is the most precious gift which you can make, because you devote a peace of you. This moment will stay there forever. Don’t you think?

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Jumpsuit – French Connection

Bag – Mango

Eyewear – Max&Co

Watch – Mockberg 

Bracelet – Belleza Jewels

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