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If you have been following me on social media then you most probably know about #creativeathome, and when it all started. If not, I’ll be telling you all about it now. Just bear in mind that #creativeathome originally is a visual story, not one expressed in words. : )

It was 23 March 2020 when we started a new campaign with Kalo. Little did we know that it was going to turn into one of the best ones that we’ve created for Mint Stories. Back then, Covid-19 had locked us at home, while the pandemic was already a fact. A couple of weeks passed by until the initial fear was gone and we got used to “the new normal”. We started watching series, cooking homemade food, spent time perfecting our yoga skills, and working from home. Meetings and birthdays transformed into online meetings and celebrations. There was plenty of time for those things that we’ve always wanted to do in our pajamas. When #stayathome was not only a hashtag, some beautiful things were created, too. (This summary of Covid-19 and 2020 sounds like a diary that my kids will read one day and I hope that it really stays just a memory written in a couple of lines.)

We were about to work on a campaign with Samsung which was planned in 2019. In reality, from users and fans, we became their brand ambassadors when #GalaxyS20 and #GalaxyS20Ultra just came out. Going out was not recommended and we had to show the devices’ capabilities. You really can’t imagine how creative one may become in such a moment when the world is on hold and you have time to look around. Then, while we were cooking at home and I was picking a quarrel with Kaloyan about him messing up too much, he put a bowl on my head and said: “Oh, this will turn into an amazing shot!”

This was followed by many videos and posts #withgalaxy, dedicated to mobile photography at home. We were creating various shots only with a mobile device and stuff we had at home. We even demonstrated some easy tricks and tips about manual settings. We got inspired by simple things such as cups, bowls, clothes pegs, and some other unexpected subjects. (Video 1) There was also another “advanced level” where we talked more about editing, and Kalo showed some super creative ideas regarding Adobe Photoshop. What was interesting to me was that even with a mobile device you may edit in a creative and diverse fashion. Then I really felt what Galaxy S20 Ultra is capable of and those 108mp made it easy to edit the shots and take our editing process to the level we want. (Video 2)

*Galaxy Tab S7+ (the tablet is really making it easier to edit because the shots transfer directly from the mobile device via Samsung DeX. Not only does it let you edit easier but also more precisely since there is an S Pen meant for writing and drawing.) + The program for editing colors, vibrance, and shades – Lightroom if you need a more convenient and fast way to edit than Photoshop.

As a result, we experienced an endless wave of love on social media. There were people and even animals (I’m not even joking, there were 2 dogs) who were recreating our #КреативниВкъщи (#CreativeAtHome) ideas, sharing their own photographs inspired by us. And when it comes to the shot with the cup, Samsung liked it so much that it was everywhere on their social media accounts on World Photography Day. I don’t know if it’s happened to another Bulgarian made photograph before but for me, this whole story is an example of something good coming out of something bad. If you’re in the mood for mobile photography, take a look at two of our videos on YouTube, and subscribe to our channel because a new one related to the Samsung series is coming out soon.

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