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Recently, I wondered with my ladies where we can enjoy some new and interesting cocktails for our ladies nights. We were looking for something unusual, strange, different and yet fascinating. So as a pre-Christmas gift came the discovery of the largest Asian Pub in Sofia – SASA ASIAN PUB in Paradise Center. Today, I will annoy you with some of my favorites and will immerse you in the cocktails of the night, along with the fashion, of course.

1. Lets start with the Brad Pitt’s favorite cocktail – Chinese Mule (vodka, sake, fresh lime juice and coriander). The outfit is gentle, feminine and with a memorable accent like the cocktail itself. I picked the all time favorite eternal black in combination with lace.

*Dress – Marella from Week&Shop MDL, Shoes – CASADEI from Pepina Gallery, Bag – Furla from Week&Shop MDL;

02__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 03__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 04__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger

2. Another cocktail skillfully manages to recreate the atmosphere of SASA ASIAN PUB and it’s served in a playful box of Chinese food. Zoom Berry (vodka, raspberries, lemongrass, pineapple, ginger beer, fresh lemon juice) is my favorite. The outfit brings the charge of the colors of the night.

*Dress – Elisabetta Franchi from Extravagance, Shoes – CASADEI from Pepina Gallery, Bag – Marella from Week&Shop MDL;

05__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 06__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 07__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger

3. Kumquat mojito (Bacardi rum, kumquat, Solerno liqueur, mint, lime, brown sugar) fascinates with freshness and memorable taste. The outfit is in tune with the cocktail – comfortable, practical and ready to party.

*Jumpsuit – Elisabetta Franchi from Extravagance, Shoes – TWIN-SET from Pink, Bag – Furla from Week&Shop MDL;
08__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 09__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 10__sasa-asian-pub_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger


Which is your favorite SASA ASIAN PUB cocktail, folks?


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