Business or casual outfit!?


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You decide! The combination of a simple tunica with skinny jeans and high heels has always been sexy and elegant at the same time. As accessories you can choose a large bag and an elegant red hat with periphery. It doesn’t matter if you choose one which has its back side rolled up or tilted down, because this type of hat suits almost all face shapes and outfits. Choose plain autumn colours for the tunica. I have chosen my favourite burgundy colour, but plain beige or mustard colours would match a soft sweater just as well.

The 80’s style skinny jeans have made a loud and lengthy return which doesn’t resemble any other fashion tendency’s comeback. They have been on the top for at least 2 years and they don’t seem to be ready to leave the “scene”. The truth is that you can look great in slim-fit jeans if you know how to wear them.

Many women wear this type of jeans but unfortunately not everyone looks well in them. Why? Skinny jeans don’t help your figure much if you are short and curvy. However, when this type of jeans is worn with high heels, your sexy look is guaranteed. If you are tall and skinny, be brave and wear them with sneakers as well.

Truth is, if you want to look well, you don’t have to follow the fashion tendencies at all costs. If this type of jeans doesn’t fit you well or you feel uncomfortable in them, don’t torture yourself.

You don’t have any restrictions on your decisions – make-up, hair style, shoes, bags and clothes. Whatever you choose, share it as a comment!

We would like to see your imagination unleashed.

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