“Bubblegum” and some thoughts…


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“The painful memory of what you could have experienced haunts us forever.” Yesterday one of my favorite Bulgarian films “Bubblegum” ended with this sentence in which many of you would recognize yourselves, I’m sure. I will not go into a critical analysis now, everyone has a different taste and emotions, it’s normal if you don’t like this film. It reminded me of a part of our story with Kalo and me which had been facing a similar choice and trial before it even started, but unlike the characters in the movie and many others in life, we risked, disappointed two others for a moment, jumped without being able to swim and left our comfort zone to have us experience our emotions and not to become just a memory or “what would happen if …” Do you remember the taste of those cheap 5 cent gums when they are sweet at first, and bitter at the same time and at the end they have no taste ? It’s like the feeling when the years go by and you look back to the past and see how many things you were afraid to experience. Well, I’m trying to keep them to a minimum because I don’t live with “ifs”.

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