Bohemian beauty of Vitosha Mountain


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My first sunrise on Vitosha Mountain is already a fact but I’m really ashamed from that I had never seen it for 25 years and the mountain has always been under my nose, unfortunately we’re always so busy and don’t have much time for the little things… (I’m very annoyed at my self and seriously blamed myself for it.) Or maybe, I connect the summer season mainly with the sea, the sand and the waves and overlook the mountain as a place where you can purify your mind and your thoughts and rest for a little while. In fact, the sea gives me kind if the same feeling, I stopped going to the sea just for the long sunny days on the beach and the cold cocktails until late in the evening. It’s really strange that we don’t see the good little things around us. Don’t you think? Maybe we’re too accustomed to looking for beauty away from us, but Vitosha today showed me the bohemian beauty and that gave me the perfect opportunity to recreate the spirit of the festival, the carefree bohemian summer and their distinctive fashion elements amid the colors of the sunrise and the bright rays of the sun. Talismans, dreamcatchers, jewelry, silk, flax, cotton, denim and velvet are just some of those elements of the free spirit and the positive energy that the boo-style brings with them. Of course, in a different way, my way, slightly minimalist way. Yes, the view is bohemian, the feeling is carefree and the message is eternal summer love.

As far as the makeup details of this vision I didn’t risk with anything so different, I wanted to be completely myself, I no longer like the matte faces, I prefer to have more shine, a fresher look on the skin and to be more natural, as if illuminated by the sun, but not in the case of lips, I’m definitely a fan of the matt lipsticks (I’ll tell you a little bit further). So I always emphasize the eyes with gentle brown tones, now I’m creating my looks with the Smashbox eyes palette – Cover Shot and the PIXI gold pencil – uniquely combined together. And for emphasizing my face I use the M.A.C. Cosmetics – Hyper Real Glow palette for which I always get compliments when I’m wearing it. Totally in love with the nuances of this palette!

Another love that will last for a long time for sure is my passion for matte lipsticks. Perhaps this is the formula I look for and enjoy most in recent years. I have tested a variety of lipsticks, from the most popular and commercial to the most luxurious and boutique brands and yes, I don’t really care what brand it will be, I just want to like it, I’m looking for a nice formula that doesn’t dry my lips too much and doesn’t fall immediately after the first sip of water. On this occasion, I thought of a very interesting video of my makeup guru and friend Boryana Stefanova, who tested matte lipstick for 80 lv (40 euro) and it didn’t meet her expectations for what was promised in the ad (I recommend you to take a look if you are interested). So Bobi recommended me to test the Golden Rose’s lipstick as a good budget decision after one of our photo project where she was my makeup artist and had given me a unique color on the lips that I just fell in love with. I hadn’t tried anything from Golden Rose since my school years, but the new Soft & Matte lipsticks were really tempting and a good reason to do it. The series has great shades (I think there are about 20 different colours and there is something interesting for every taste), but my favorites are definitely the brown, earth nude tones (number 102 and 118) and of course a little red (number 114) for the good mood, no matter the day and occasion. As a mishap I would say that the formula takes a little more time to dry, they are not the most durable lipstick, but their price is so good (about 7 lv), they are very easy to apply, they have a comfortable applicator, the color is saturated and dense with unbalanced consistency (especially the red lipstick fascinates me), and didn’t dry my lips as a whole (I think it’s thanks to softening and moisturizing oils from jojoba and avocado in the formula) and the packaging is with a rose gold cap and I’m totally captivated with rose gold this last year. It’s definitely worth it and it’s a good budget decision if you don’t want to invest in expensive matt lipsticks that you don’t know if they’ll justify what they promise.

More about my outfit details will be described at the bottom of this article, but I almost forgot to tell you some super news, for now only a small part of it I will display, but soon I will show you even more. You know that in the last year and a half I’m one of the INGILIZ brand ambassadors, I really like to wear their shoes, I’m not just taking pictures with them, so I’m happy to be able to give you a special 20% discount just for you. Use the promo code ZVEZDI20, with which you can buy anything from the brand site with a 20% discount –, including the green sandals from my photos here. So enjoy it and see you soon!


Denim dress – Tommy Hilfiger

White set: skirt and top – Tommy Hilfiger

Bag and hat – Achilleas Accessories

Jewelry – PANDORA

Shoes – Ingiliz


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