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Today the earth tones intertwine with the cold concrete which has a long time ago wiped out all the things that nature wanted to show us. The place that inspired us is so deserted and strange. It has no name or address, but there are certainly so many stories to tell. Several sun beams are secretly sliding across the ceiling, which alter the whole setting. It looks like a game of shadows where everyone tries to steal their stargazing moment. And Abel Korzeniowski would have described it best with his song Letters – somewhat nostalgic, but giving a new beginning to everything.

I wanted it to be different and I did it. Again, we united forces, ideas and emotions with Hristo Yordanov and P.S. Celebrate to create something beautiful from something long forgotten, abandoned and unnatural. Inspiration was not lacking, even outside my comfort zone. We were seeking the symphony in rediscovering the nature in cold concrete. Where the old and the new beginning meet. One blocked the other’s way simply to exist. Selfish? No, just nature.

The sweetest part was that we were able to bring this new beginning through organic flavors inspired by nature and in contrast to our long-forgotten concrete. A simphony with a fresh homemade jam with juicy apricots, oatmeal, orange peel and crunchy creamy cream (Light with apricots) or a delicious combination of honey, crunchy walnuts and yoghurt mousse (Honey yoghurt)? Oh, and that’s not all, but enough temptation for now. Enjoy our inspiration!


Photos – Hristo Yordanov photography

Video – Kaloyan Hristov

Set design – P.S. Celebrate

Makeup – Boryana Stefanova

Clothes – Week&Shop MDL

Furniture Магазини “Красота и настроение”

Cakes – Неделя Natural

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