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Time is passing so fast lately, we’re already in the middle of December and we still haven’t had а real “winter” with snow. But to be honest I adore more to feel the heat of the sun and how the rays projected on the walls of the room and reflected in my face. There’s nothing more enjoyable than this… And now I will show it to you!

These images we’re shot in cosmos working camp (one of my fav places in Sofia), it was a cool winter day with a big gray sky, but there was still something quiet special in the air and finally the sun smiled, even for a moment it’s always charming and beautiful, isn’t it?

Time for white and beige! I didn’t wear white for quite a while so it was about time, to not be completely in the same color I chose and some beige and camel details. This long pants is my favourite, it’s actually an old one, I stole it from my mum and I wear it so often. I decided to show you and something slightly more weather appropriate like this camel boots from Ingiliz, my new Asos stuff from (by the way, there are a lot of interesting things, so take a look later), two different ways to carry a Freywille scarf and some of the accessories of the new season collection from Parfois. Again I decided to present more than 1 vision in 1 post. I hope you will like it!?


Place – cosmos working camp

Photos & Retouch – Ioan Kralev и Kaloyan Hristov

Makeup – Inglot Bulgaria


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