Autumn is going away


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Autumn is going away and gives way to the dark, cold and white winter. Here comes the turn of hats, scarves, gloves, boots and thick sweaters and cardigans. As always, knitwear comes back in fashion in the cold days of the fall and winter. There is no type of cardigan, sweater or other knitwear which is not modern anymore. It is important to choose a model which is suitable for you and to match it well. Now we are going to give you several tips which will help you in your choice of knitwear.



Logically, knitwear is constantly present in the wardrobe of both fall and winter but this season they are covered in all kinds of prints. Invest in a thick pullover with a funny geometric figure or another graphic motive and wear it with your favorite jeans or tights. My choice is a sweater which is knitted on a large crochet from thick natural yarn. It has a nice beige colour and belongs to one of my favorite brands: BikBok ( Large, loose and soft, the XXL sweaters are like a warm embrace during the winter. The shortcoming is that they don’t fit all body shapes. If you are curvy, the large sweater can make you look like you have more weight than you have. The rest of the ladies, however, can make use of the tendency without worries. We advise you to choose a plain model in a modern colour or a sweater with a floral print.



You can always wear the autumn sweater as a top clothing during the few sunny days left. Choose a model from thick yarn and combine it with a fluffy vest, jeans and boots to the ankle. This way you are ready for a walk during the weekend.

If you don’t like wearing high heel boots, you can always trust Timberland. My favorite model is Timberland Waterproof – colour salmon. It is a nice emphasis for each outfit, not to speak how comfortable they really are. I always try to combine them with neutral colours because they are an emphasis by themselves.

Whatever you choose this winter, you won’t be mistaken if you rely on your own style and comfort. Either way you will hit the taste of one of the famous fashion designers. Be always yourselves and feel well in your skin. This is the most important part.

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