At 25 and in search for the perfect balance (Part 3)


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If anyone had told me before that on my 25th birthday it would be raining (I do not remember ever raining at all on July 29th), I would be drinking homemade mountain tea and I will not want and need to be in some nice restaurant, buy a new dress and shoes or visit a new destination and the only thing I want would be a small restored 100-year-old house in the mountains (the house is Balkan Dream in Apriltsi and the owners are super nice and responsive, want to revive the small rural houses and hiking, and if this of “advertising” on my part would help for this, then I’m happy to share my adventure in words and pictures in the next few lines…) but that harmony will remind me again of the most important things – nothing material is worth it, all you need for this world is simple love and there is no better gift than to be woken up with a kiss, delicious pancakes and a bouquet of daisies picked 2km. down the river. I love my life and everything in my quarter century so far!

Our adventure started as early as the day before we left, when I super spontaneously decided to shoot a video of 25 facts about me for my 25th birthday. I really don’t know what happened, I shot it in one breath,with no plan and a script, full of sweet mistakes, but that’s what I wanted to remember at 25! Check out it on YouTube, I leave you a direct link here.

Of course, we couldn’t miss to take our two new members of the family – the Drag bicycles, which we finally choose and liked and trusted with your recommendation to get them. They are also more budget-friendly solution that have a lifetime guarantee, and last but not least they are made in Bulgaria and you know that the home production is more and more rare and I always choose it when I have the opportunity to bet on the Bulgarian one. Both bicycles are mountainous, mine is Grace TE and for Kalo – Hardo Base, we’ve drove them over 10 times and we have no remarks, except that they can easily be scratched in the mountain – this rather bothers me because I like to keep my things in perfect condition but they are ultimately made for riding, not for beauty, which has been the role of my crosstrainer in the latest years. They are relatively light, which I like very much, we even managed to take them with us with the lift from Dragalevtsi to Aleko (it was such a great and fun trip with the lift, sorry, I just didn’t have a free hand with which to shoot then). The whole investment for this type of sport, hobby or fun is, I think, worthwhile because you also found an interesting and balanced way to train and get in shape (without feeling like it’s a duty) and last but not least by finding a friend this is even more fun.

And as we talked about the workouts, I think I’m totally obsessed on the latest Samsung Gear Sport gadget, which Kalo wanted to try for a long time, but besides the fact that this watch is super stylish accessory, it can easily remind you to stop lounging around (yes, it really detects if you have too much lazy time), it monitors all your fitness indicators as a distance (in Apriltsi for a day we were passing about 10 km with the bicycles). I didn’t feel the distance at all because its so beautiful all around and it’s a pleasure riding the bikes), it also monitors and measures the pulse, tempo, calorie balance, the burned calories during training and many other things, it even reminds you to drink water more often. Honestly, I didn’t think that such a device is suitable for me because I don’t like the too complicated gadgets with many features that you need to read the entire instructions before you learn completely but this device is made for ease used by people who are professionals in sports and those who are just training for tonus and pleasure.

Many of you were asking me if I drink L carnitine or something like the fat burners to boost calorie burning before training, the truth is that I’ve been drinking it before, but not right now because I don’t feel I should, now my body encounters something totally new as a kind of workout, it’s not in stagnant, but when I get used to after month or two, maybe I’ll start with L carnitine again in the morning and in the evening.

The only thing I drink right now is Turmirin BioSlim during meals, which is a nutritional supplement that strengthens metabolism and natural digestion. I’m not sure what the effect will be because I’ve been drinking it for about 10 days, but I’m grabbed by the fact that it contains mainly turmeric which as you know is super useful and is among the foods with the most anti-inflammatory action. And if the chronic inflammation is the basis of many of today’s diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, metabolic syndrome, obesity, etc., therefore, this supplement promises to stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, contributes to the health and normal function of the intestine, bile and liver. I don’t know if it would help you to lose weight if you have that goal, but it prevents you from the unhealthy weight gain and this is even more valuable.

The composition is: Turmeric powder and BioPerine® – a standardized extract of organic peppercorns. You can find it in pharmacies.

I chose to celebrate my birthday this time quite casually and uncommon, without large gatherings at a table with lots of people and food, gifts, dresses and make-up, I just wanted a walk in the mountain with the bicycles, a picnic by the river and even the sun liked this plan and showed up between the clouds. I’m not sorry for my choice! Apriltsi grabbed me with its beautiful landscapes, perfect bicycle conditions, the lack of cars, the scope and the desire of the local people to revive the small town and their 100-year-old houses with low ceilings, narrow ladders but pretty verandas to continue also living among the young people.


Place –  Balkan Dream / Apriltsi

Watch – Gear Sport на Samsung

Laptop – Acer Swift 3 

Shoes – Reebok Speed TR

Bicycles – Drag


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