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The cold is already felt increasingly pungent and winter. Quite uncomfortable, especially early in the morning. I barely get out of the warm bed to go to work. Did the end of November approach, I wish to conclude home and not go out until the snow falls. Then the cold weather is easier to be tolerated. Somehow it has more meaning and I begin to like it because of all the snow harmony around. The transition between autumn and winter is very gray. Categorically I don’t like it. Of course, let’s not forget one of the biggest advantages of the cold weather – the coats are in focus. At the moment I’m seeking out the perfect long black coat. If you got something like this coat somewhere, please share. I will not calm down until I find it. Until then I treat you with some shots from our last autumn post for this year. I secretly hope the snow to surprise us soon, but in the most positive sense.

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