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Well, after I got your attention, let me tell you something interesting that happened to me yesterday. No, it’s not another fashion event or something of the kind you expect. It was a very different experience and it managed to influence my plans for this post. I was thinking of telling you more about Florence and the lovely apartment that we were into, hiding so many stories, but there are some more important things.

I’m increasingly wondering where the added value in everything I do here, goes in. You tell me that it inspires you, that you like it and want more and more. I love to create these stories. Soon it will be three years (it was like yesterday) since Kalo and I have started borrowing clothes to make something new and different. But let’s get back to where I started, without a lot of unnecessary words. Yesterday, I was drinking my coffee on 63 Vitosha Blvd., apt 8 in the company of several women who deserve a reward for being so strong and feminine after all they have been through – the diagnosis of “Breast Cancer”. Words that make me bristle just by writing them. Now they are currently helping the Breast Cancer Campaign to reach as many people as possible. One of the objectives of the One of the 8 Foundation is to help women with the diagnose Breast Cancer to be with self-esteem, more courage and be more beautiful than ever. This message I wanted to convey to all of you, because whatever obstacle our life prepares to us, we will overcome it.

I found myself in a place where smiles and being stronger than ever were so refreshing that I forgot my everyday problems, plunged into the atmosphere and the world of all the women around me. A world where the smallest things are of the greatest importance. I met all these wonderful creatures (because I think they are from another planet) and listened to the stories of most of them. For the struggle when others think you for odd, the fear of the unknown, the foreign opinion and the pursuit of dreams. For those sips of air in which you feel that you are alive and beautiful and natural! It seems to me that in our striving for looking perfect sometimes we lose a real idea of who we actually are at this moment. You know, we all have to perceive ourselves whatever we are. Let us be glad that we have the opportunity to “see,” love and feel all of these emotions that we have. Beauty is far from visual, it is born in ourselves and it guides us throughout our lives and it is up to us whether we will preserve it and why not pass it on?

We have no right not to be happy, not to like ourselves and not to love, because we are alive and the world belongs to those who take that piece of air that changes the world.


Underwear РYamamay 

Dress – Superdry

Shoes –¬†INGILIZ

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