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We are two friends with one mission – to explore the world – differently with a couple of dresses and lenses. Friendship gave birth to the idea to start doing what we love and what we are best at, and share this passion of ours with the rest. Why not try to pass our energy, inspiration, style and feelings to the others and thus make them part of the magic? Why mint in particular? Because this is our eternity, taste, colour, inspiration, history, etc. Mint as your sky, mint as your sea, mint as your eyes, mint as you! This is not simply a blog about fashion, but about fashion as a way of life. This is not simply a blog with photos, but photos which bear our spark and spirit. This is us. Zvezdelina and Kaloyan – two friends who travel and explore the world with a couple of dresses and lenses and the mission to find and show you the beauty hidden in even the most insignificant of things.