A winter tale


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The winterish mountain in February is unimaginably wonderful. The snow has piled up but the sun is shining brightly. You can basically smell and feel the atmosphere of spring. Breathing the clean mountain air and feeling the nature around you are unmatched experiences. It is rare for people to think about the natural treasure which they can reach in a 30-minute drive out of the city. This week we decided to take a walk to Vitosha in order to escape from the traffic, cell phones and the crowds of the capital. This place cleanses my body. I cannot give reasons for this feeling but I felt loaded with fresh energy after this walk. Beauty is everywhere around us if you have the eyes to see it.

For this lazy walk I chose a matching outfit. The long coat by Mango is in the modern beige colour. Even when we fear the downfall of beige, it always finds a way to remind us of itself because it matches everything else. The most important thing is the coat to be made of good materials: Kashmir or wool. Mine is woolen and it follows me in the coldest of days. The deep external pockets are an undeniable advantage. You can match it with high shoes or more sporty ones, use it in a more elegant or casual way, you can wear it anyhow in order to make your day brighter and merrier.










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