A tribute to love


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What would you do for love? It sounds trite, right? Christmas is coming and during this time the screens daily “flood” us with sweet family and love stories, which aim not only to sell us something, but (supposedly) make us better, loving and loved. However, do you know what love, we, humans, lack most of? The one that teaches us to love and respect especially ourselves.

And if the love of Gustav Klimt can be remembered forever with one kiss, then this FREYWILLE┬áreveals a design saturated with gold – a fascinating, overwhelming, leaving no words – just like love. After many years of research and creativity, the designers created a distinctive interpretation of the masterpiece “The Kiss” on enamel, with a tribute to love itself. Just like the picture of Klimt, the design of the jewelry depicts two aspects, too – male and female, each depicted with specific elements. The connecting element between the two is the colorful meadow that is interpreted as the birthplace of nascent love. And if love can be born among colors, I give you our entire palette of love through them. Enjoy them!

03_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 04_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 05_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 06_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 07_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 08_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 09_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 10_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger 11_freywille_the-ultimate-kiss_zvezdelina-tsolova_mint-stories_fashion-blogger

Forms from kaloyanhristov on Vimeo.

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