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Two weeks ago I literally surprise you in Instagram stories with the news that L’Oréal Professionnel gathered in one place the best of nature and science to create Botanēa – a 100% professional plant hair dye. Surely many of you have followed my first attempt with Botanēa but even if you are not – I will again immerse you in this experience. I will tell you in details what is my first impression of the Botanēa procedure Natural Shine (which is done with one of the three ingredients in the hair dye – the Cassia plant) and what you can expect from Botanēa as a whole.

I will start with the fact that I have never dyed my hair with ammonia dye before, I like the natural color of my hair and I would not change it at this stage (as long as youth allows me, of course). I only used one henna hair dye in my teenage years (of those who sold in pharmacies and the box had the same Indian girl with different nuances of hair, then there wasn’t much choice of course), but this henna made me rather red than blond. Unfortunately, there was no one who explained to me how exactly the henna had to be combined with my natural hair color. I acted quite imprudently but I’m glad I didn’t dare to express myself in this crazy teenage period with something more serious like a real hair dye.

Of course, 10 years later, things are now totally different. Henna is still the most popular hair coloring plant but the one used in Botanēa is completely different from the henna we know. It comes from India (where it gathers only once a year) and as all plant ingredients in Botanéa has been completely purified for true professional results. With Botanēa henna creates warm copper hues, ideal for blondes with dark and copper bases. The second ingredient in Botanēa is Indigo – a powerful natural pigment obtained from the Indigo plant. Its leaves contain blue to violet coloring ingredients, ideal for brown and dark bases. The third ingredient is Cassia which is also known as “neutral henna” and has no coloring properties. The Natural Shine procedure prepared with Cassia and it’s been a great way to try Botanēa for the first time. The idea of Cassia is to be used as a regulator and to give a shine to hair. In combination with coloring plants, its soft neutral dyes, which are often used for blonde hair, make it possible to adjust the color intensity and the added gloss. Botanēa can be used on any type of hair as well as on already dyed hair and provides white-coat coverage.

I briefly summarize the three herbal ingredients in the dye:

1. Cassia: Grown in several regions of India, it was selected by L’Oréal Research to be used by colorists as an adjuster and luminizer.

2. Henna: Its leaves release warm copper colours ideal for preparing blonde, copper of brown shades.

3.Indigo: Its leaves contain colour that deliver colour results varying from blue to purple, ideal to brown or dark bases, in combination with henna.

How the magic happens?

I can only comment about 1. Cassia or Cassia Angustifolia and the procedure Natural shine. It lasts for about an hour, it’s only done in hairdressing salons that work with L’Oréal Professionnel like Murphy for example where I did it for the second time with Blagi (Botanēa it’s not meant for home use at this stage but it would be a good idea and direction in which will work the brand in the future, I think), the effect of the procedure is observed up to 8 washes afterwards and the result you will notice immediately. The hair is not just with a lot more shine but somehow it thickens your hair as if you have a lot more hair. For my thin hair this is like salvation and total refreshment. The procedure can be done in a month or more often because the natural shine lightly lightens the hair and nourishes it without any negative effect.

Everything happens very quickly and pleasantly in hair salon, literally as if we have some homemade green tea in the hair salon. Hot water activates plant ingredients, releases and dissolves the coloring ingredients contained in plant powders. Botanēa offers 12 different shades – from dark to copper, which are prepared by blending different proportions of Cassia, Indigo and Kena. It’s very important to know the exact weight in the recipes and the way of mixing, in my opinion, and at this stage Botanēa is left only in the hands of professionals in the field.

Something more than dye, idea and cause!

With the presentation of Botanēa L’Oréal Professionnel not only presents its 100% plant professional hair dye but also supports the idea of ​​a sustainable approach to product manufacturing. Once they reach the hair salon, the ingredients of Botanēa are placed in transparent square packaging, recycled to 50%. Previously, the dye was delivered to the hairdressers in hermetically sealed packs made of paper from responsibly managed forests. Compared with the sale of a product only in plastic packaging this charging system makes it possible to save the equivalent of one pack per 9 recharges.

So would you dare to try Botanēa? You will find it in L’Oréal Professionnel.

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