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We welcomed the beginning of September and the “end” of summer with a short weekend in Varna and more specifically – Astor Garden Hotel in “Saints Constantine and Helena” (I don’t know if you know this but this is our oldest Bulgarian Black Sea resort) and I have never been here before, Kalo was here a long time ago and he remembers almost nothing . We were very interested in what is the difference between the north and the south Black Sea coast. And yes, it’s definitely different, even the climate and the air here is dissimilar . We felt the north Black sea coast quite “lonely” and so calm. Perhaps the season itself is like this now, but at least we were able to rest for the first time in a long time, we needed exactly that kind of seclusion. We were at the All Inclusive Ultra Plus Hotel and apart from the sunbathing and sea waves we took advantage of, we also did some very enjoyable activities in Aquahouse Thermal & Beach such as a sauna, salt room and therapeutic mineral and thermal pools up to 42 ° C. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to try everything but we think we’ll come back in the winter because there are so many great massages and therapies.

Here are some quick tips for a short and beneficial trip:

1. No matter how many days you’ve managed to steal for a summer break – make the most of it. Leave the job for a moment, everything can wait, believe me, I’m a person who never gets out of work, I always have something to do and I think that is a top priority but I realized that my time is only mine and no one cares about it, I have to get my comfort and peace myself. See what’s happening around you, walk away without direction, lose yourself deliberately, do things you still didn’t have time for, like a long bath with aromatic salts with a nice book and a glass of champagne, explore the beaches around, don’t just be content with what’s closest to you.

2. Don’t overdo it with the All Inclusive foods and drinks, no matter how much you want to try everything, it’s not worth to go back a few pounds more and to feel heavy and have this discomfort feeling on your vacation. At least it’s a terrible feeling for me, I made that mistake one summer in Kusadasi and I promised to myself to never do that again, but I notice that it’s a regular practice that people always put more on their dishes than what they can consume when the vacation is All Inclusive. People are so weird sometimes. Our hotel had a huge variety of all kinds of delicious buffet meals, don’t think I kept my usual healthy regime, I allowed myself something “unhealthy” but in small portions and quantities.

And don’t forget to eat the fruits first and then everything else to make any sense for eating them!

3. Don’t rely on the cosmetics in the hotel, no matter how nice it is, it can’t meet the specific needs of your skin. I always take only small sizes of my favorite products. And now I have a new favorite without which I don’t go anywhere – Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum. This is my 2nd pack of 30ml. and there will also be a 3rd serum soon (not accidentally the best-selling product of the brand). I felt a difference almost immediately after the first/second week of use, especially in combination with my DayWear Face Cream from the same brand again. My skin became more hydrated (especially after the winter when it was in very bad condition), the serum absorbed instantly into it and soon began to regain its luster. For me, this little thing is like salvation for when I have a tired look or a pimple or unevenness on my face because it smooths it and gives it a fresher look instantly and the regenerating property helps the wounds and scratches to disappear more quickly (with a cat like Bebo this is of particular importance because I constantly have some scratches on my face or neck…). All this is a consequence of the overall improvement in skin condition and of course the main active ingredients – hyaluronic acid and ChronoluxCB technology, but if you have a more specific problem like acne or rosacea – this product can’t help you with solving it. Don’t be fooled by the name, Advanced Night Repair is not just for night use, it can actually be used at any time, it’s a super multifunctional serum. And I even think it’s economical (you can use 30ml in two months very easily, I apply it to a clean face in the morning and in the evening, I use only a few drops on my face, and after a minute I apply my face cream. Advanced Night Repair is a universal serum that can be combined with all kinds of face creams as well and with serums targeting specific skin needs, sometimes I even put it on makeup to enhance hydration and refreshment and most often as a pre-make-up preparation for better durability and can be combined and blended with a foundation to achieve a more moist consistency and deliver an extra dose of hydration to the skin during the day.

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Location – Astor Garden Hotel

Black high heels – Le Silla

Pantyhose – LC Waikiki

Laptop – Acer Swift 3

Clothes (sweater and skirt) – Reserved

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