A denim-dominated look


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Denim style is more fashionable than ever. The fashion experts say that we shouldn’t wear denim from head to toes, excluding cases of work clothes. Fashion designers, however, have another opinion. In their new collections they present the double denim style in a fresh and modern way by playing with length, silhouette and colour. I chose a denim shirt (by ZARA) and light colour jeans (by Bershka). You are not obliged to balance the shades of denim. The shirt might be lighter and the jeans darker. You are free to experiment. Combining denim with a leather jacket is always a good decision as well.

I am adding black Oxford shoes and the urban style is complete. By the way, the Oxford style is a common phenomenon on the catwalk for the upcoming season. These shoes take their name from Oxford University and are originally from Ireland. Usually, they are made of leather but nowadays you can find them in all kinds of materials and colours. This type of shoe wear is still popular among women today but it was at its peak in the 1920s. It used to be a total hit. This comes as an example of how some things never get old.

Try it yourself, choose jeans and jacket in different nuances and don’t forget to add an emphasis in another colour to rip apart the denim monotony.

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