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Hello mints! I would like to present to you a really nice little box which has charmed me with both its look and contents. On Saturday I received “the DETOX box by PRETTYBOX” and I was left surprised by the amount of useful products that it contained. I really needed these items and I got them all at once. I cannot omit to mention the way Pretty box present their products. I have always appreciated the small details and this time they got me. I will now tell you more about the contents of the box and the ways in which I employed the items in there.

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1. ANATOMICALS Zap Zap Zap for the removal of annoying pimples (7ml.)
Anatomicals offer a good solution to the annoying pimples. They are tackled with a day and night formula for complete care. The main ingredients are tea tree and hamamelis. Personally, I do not need this product because I don’t have skin problems but I immediately found a good destination for it and I will receive feedback soon.


2. Anatomicals Not Another Rough Day – a hydrating body lotion (200ml.)
I needed this indeed and I made use of it immediately. It has an amazing scent and soft texture. It is suitable for any type of skin. The body lotion is delicately perfumed without being too much so, and it leaves a refreshing feeling behind. Furthermore, it is in its original size which will suffice for at least 2 months.


3.ANATOMICALS Puffy The Eyebag Slayer gel eye mask
I have been dreaming for a long time of such a mask and I never found one. I tried it immediately and the feeling is amazing. You can use it cold and hot. Place it in a fridge for half an hour or heat it up in warm water (but not boiling hot) for 10 minutes. It is useful for use after a long and busy day or after travelling. Put it on, play some relaxing music and you will feel in heaven.


4.Ayuuri Naturals Body Scrub Cocoa and Jasmin (200ml.)
This is definitely my favourite product from the whole series. It has a wonderful aroma of cocoa and jasmin. This product is also in its original size and it will be enough for perhaps a month and a half. It is an exfoliant, thus it is not suitable for use during every wash.


5.KEUNE So Pure Natural Balance Moroccan Argan Oil Light (10 ml.)
Luxurious care with immediate absorption by the hair. I tried it today and it didn’t leave my hair greasy nor dull. I am very pleased with this product. The argan oil leaves the hair soft and shiny, healthy and smooth, for real. It repairs the damaged hair and significantly improves the split ends. The formula is a light mix of argan oil and oil made of peach. It penetrates the hair stem directly, untangles and nourishes the hair, giving it a shiny look.


These are just part of the surprises which you will find if you order your Pretty box. You can make it here -> and of course on their Facebook page as well – Prettybox Bulgaria. Overall, I am left with good impressions. Obviously, I didn’t use all the products but there is no such combination which can suit everyone. It is important to have fun and be positive. Await new surprises soon!

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