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It is time to invest into a new jacket for the upcoming season but are fed up with wearing the classical coats, leather jackets or the same type of trench coats? If you think that you are stacked on all kinds of similar coats, I present to you another alternative – a college style baseball jacket.

What exactly is it and why is it called like this? Originally these were jackets worn by boys who were members of the college baseball club. They were sportswear made of strong materials like leather and wool which made them enduring in various conditions. The boys gave their jackets to the girls to wear during the games because they thought that this might bring team luck. This is a good example of how the school halls and the classroom can influence high fashion. Nowadays, designers are bold enough to put the typically male jacket along the hot tendencies of the year even among women. Recently, many stars count on this street style and their point of emphasis is namely their jacket. It varies in terms of colour and materials. You can find it in the form of a sweatshirt or as a thicker jacket, its sleeves might be leather or satin-made. Regardless of your style, you need to get hold of this piece of clothing.






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