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The cozy home can accommodate any disappointment, in my opinion it’s even kind of an art and ability to create such an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort for the soul, where you are completely safe and you can invite others under your roof, something like your home hi-tech capsule for flotation. I had come across a Scandinavian proverb that happiness is between “too little” and “too much”. Look for it somewhere there in between.

Before reading “The Little Book of Hygge” I didn’t realize that Kaloyan and I live 90% with the hygge factor in Bulgaria, but without understanding it and calling it with that trendy word. So here are some tricks from me for more comfort at home and in the soul:

*Light a scented candle, dim the lights during the evening, make it cozier for the senses. I had never come across AVON’s candles and diffusers before; In the December brochure they had several different options, I like the Little Black Dress perfume, and now there’s a set of 2 candles and a diffuser – a good option for a gift for the home if you like the scent.

*Fire warms you – literally and figuratively. If you have the opportunity – light a barbecue, gather around the fire one night with the people you live with in the same household. It’s different from the usual gathering and it really recharges you. Unfortunately, we prepared the first time we would be lighting the fireplace in our yard this year, especially for our friends and family, to be here together, but the new normal overtook us. However, after all, we don’t have to stop the spark that warms us, do we?

*Something warm in the form of tea or coffee and something delicious for the soul. There is a tea and spice shop near us and every time we go there, it’s a real adventure to choose tea, because I love the ritual around its preparation. Just as much as I love tea, I love coffee too. However, drinking coffee is more of a social ritual for me, I associate it with conversations, work, the need for energy, while tea is calm, solitude, relaxation. For even more complete synchronization, I add something sweet – Kalo’s grandmother’s homemade cake.

*Pamper yourself, even at work. Very often while I’m at home in front of the computer you can find me with a mask on my face, hair, hands, feet and whatever else that is invented to hydrate and nourish my skin. I use this time when I’m focused and doing something specific in one place to do something else for myself. Planet Spa is the perfect tool for at home spa therapy, the products are high quality and affordable, and I’ve been using the body butter since my school years.

*Love each other, this makes every home the coziest place. 🙂

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