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We had the great pleasure to meet and be hosted by the marketing manager Mihail Ruev and some of the Boom! Burgers and Steaks’s staff. We were always impressed by the burger masterpieces of their kitchen and that is why we decided to write something about them.

Misho, warmly welcomed us and it was very nice of him to give us in detail information about the development of their work, while accompanying us. It is a pleasant surprise that the whole idea of opening this restaurant in Bulgaria was originated from people who aren’t in the sphere of cooking. Their goal was to introduce new, different and high quality burgers in Bulgaria with special chosen ingredients (not like the kinds you can have on the go with the doner). Also we were very impressed that Boom! Is not a franchise which proves that the owners had a long way and original ideas to come this far.


Let’s talk about food. The main thing here is the meat, and the main meat in these types of food is the beef which is thoroughly selected and shipped directly from an Irish farm, without any distributors. If you are a fan of the beef, you will definitely like the different and authentic taste of the high quality Prime Irish Beef, which they prepare every morning.

Of course, so that everything can be perfect, the other important ingredients are cheese (cheddar, emmental, blue cheese) and the bacon which are from England. The bread and pickles are having a big role here since they are home made.

Our team tried 3 different burgers – Boom Burger (1), BBQ Ribs Burger (2) and their limited edition for the Wednesday – The Easter Beaster (3). Every Wednesday there is something different and new which isn’t from the menu and makes us more excited about what they would have for the other Wednesdays.


After enjoying every bite of the burgers, we can say that we were fascinated by the combination of every aspect and ingredient in each burger. I tried the ribs burger which contained beef, pulled pork ribs in BBQ sauce, cheddar and sweet red cabbage. Since I am a meat lover, I think that that was the best decision I could make because of the two types of meat and the slightly sweet cabbage sealed the whole package and gave a completed taste. In the Boom Burger, the smoked bacon was the delicious sidekick and in the Easter Beaster (beef, emmental, shiitake mushrooms, fried egg, grilled asparagus, smoke Hollandaise sauce, lettuce, tomato, mayo) well this is definitely a masterpiece! Because of these tasting combinations, we get to love Wednesday.


For now Boom! has only one restaurant in Sofia but there will be a second one soon. Many celebrities and guests are choosing this place for a good meal and we had the pleasure to see Gerard Butler (from ”300”) having lunch and smile at us. How can you even leave this place?


For a spectacular final, except what Gerard Butler wrote in the guest book, we wrote something too:

Every beginning is difficult but the success is easily achieved by everyone. But you can do it in the best way. Lovely food and great staff – good luck! Keep up with the good spirit! Kisses – MintTeam


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