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The fine art of not caring about the negative things in life or just enjoying a book in your hands for a little while, only for you, which you can give yourself this weekend. It’s Friday and I, in the theme of things, am inviting all of you to give yourself a treat for your body and senses. Stock up on skin glosses, choose the most appropriate masks to suit your skin’s needs, take time for whatever you don’t have time for during the week and pamper yourself. Here’s what my spa weekend includes:

1. A new book, maybe even two, because this time is just for me. Shortly before the Instagram drama happened, I started “The Little Book of Ikigai”. Good chance or a glimpse into the future, I don’t know. But if you have never hit the book so far, the “iki” in general means “to live” and “gai” to “reason.” A Japanese researcher invites us on a journey that shows how ikigai can be accessible to all of us as long as we allow it to be and be ready for the challenges that each new day awaits. I also recommend that “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” will definitely make the spa weekend more thematic.

2. Masks for the face, hair and everything you can think of that can nourish your skin and takes longer to do. SEPHORA sent me 1 of each Instant Masks, which smells like muesli, bananas, grapefruit and all kinds of sweet things. They are tailored to the various problem areas of the skin, they act instantly (only for 5 minutes including the washing off) and so divinely scented that you can hardly resist trying them, especially the one with the banana. Or bet on the Sheet Masks that deliver a blissful, luxurious home spa experience. All you have to do is simply open the bag, put the mask properly on your face (for maximum comfort) and enjoy. The heating mask of SEPHORA COLLECTION is perhaps one of the best hits for the cold days ahead because it gives a gentle and comfortable sauna sense on the face.

3. Foot care – I hope that after the end of summer you do not deprive yourself of this pleasure. For me, it’s a true spa experience, especially if you can get it at home too. I do not rely on beautifully painted nails, but rather on healthy and well maintained ones. I don’t have a pedicure bath, but I do have a really big bath, in which I soak in aromatic salts for about 20 – 30 minutes and then go out as if with a few pounds less. I don’t have a special widget to take care of the steps, but rather my Panasonic epilator has proved to be too versatile to deprive me of the need to have many different appliances in the bathroom. I leave you the link to read more about it and its features if you are interested, but today the focus is the spa experience, and this epilator plug gives me just that. Sold for extra, you can easily change it when it’s worn out, but I don’t think you’ll need it anytime soon because it looks pretty durable. It’s a type of electric roller that exfoliates gently rough skin, yes, it tickles a little at first but it’s not unpleasant. Then I apply a nourishing honey cream to my feet and my spa experience at home ends with a warm drink and a nice movie.

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