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There are only two days to our departure for London and I confess that my excitement is absolutely huge. Not only because we will stay there for about half a month and the endless new meetings and datings, photos and memories, projects and plans, but also because I will spend some time with my grandfather, whom I hadn’t seen for 10 years. This summer we saw each other for the first time. Despite the fact we had missed so much, it didn’t really matter for us. Important are only present moments and what we can build in the future. Don’t you think?

Before I left for London, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to spend some time with the nature. I love the mountain in winter, when the thick snow is lying on the ground and the sun is desperately trying to melt it. If you want to feel a real winter you should get away from the concrete and the whole city vanity. I like to run away from everyday problems and commitments where there is no 3G coverage, traffic and streets. Everything is arranged simple and yet so beautiful and breathtaking.

The year is going away and the memories pile up more and more. If last year I thought it was successful now I don’t know what to say for this year. Everything happens with such a fast pace and it’s hard to make an assessment for 2015. Everything I dream and fight for is becoming a reality with each passing day. Everything is now!


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Jeans – Zara

Shirt –  Broadway NYC Fashion

Boots – Alexander Krist

Bag – Mezzanotte

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