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If you like your afternoon tea with mini sweets, cakes, sandwiches, croissants and other delicious treats, you might heard of “100 grams of sweets”. Or maybe the pastry salon with many choices of good quality and good looking desserts. We had the pleasure today to have a chat with Rositsa Hristova, manager of the place.

“100 grams of sweet”  is on the Bulgarian market for 15 years now, starting from a small workshop, slightly bigger than a regular kitchen of a restaurant. With no surprise, the owner of the shop has a great passion about confectionery, but she interesting part is that she is a lawyer. Nothing is better than having your hobby dream come true. Even though she is in the sphere of law, she is familiar with the pastry industry and she chooses cooks or confectioners from pastry schools in Paris.

The biggest surprise for me was the range of French macaroons – each one with different flavors like forest fruits, chocolate, vanilla, nuts etc. To produce a fine macaroon, precise and technique is required, so the flavor and structure of the pastry can be as how it is supposed to be. Oh, and do you know that this delightful dessert is not from France? Rosi told us that the shell I originated from Italy and with the time passing, it got in to France.


The most important thing about making these sweets and dessert are the good ingredients like butter. You will know it when you can actually taste the rich flavors, let’s say in a mini croissant. Maintaining the ingredients is highly important so is the freshness of the goods. The firm as well count on the different varieties and types of desserts, and each one of it has a different recipes. Many pastry shops concentrate on only one kind of sweet (like only cakes or quiche), when in “100 grams of sweets” with lots of effort and proud, they succeed in charming their clients with their many options and good quality.

I won’t forget to mention the beautiful cakes and every little gorgeous detail of them. But for them to be like this, there are credits of decorators, artists who graduated from art schools/academies. Everyone from “100 grams of sweets” call them “the elves” because they are hardworking and talented. But let’s get back to their masterpieces – you can order the cakes from the catalogue or you can arrange with them to make your own cake, with your own design.

Overall “100 grams of sweets” pay attention to the emblematic, technique, tastiness and quality, as well as to their clients. The dynamic of their team reflects on every product of the shop.

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