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The autumn is one of the seasons which brings me a sense of comfort and warmth. Despite the cold weather, the colors, I have always connected with this season, are always with scent of Cinnamon. They are so soft, warm, pure pastel and minimalistic – from brick red to burgundy, from forest yellow to green oil, from milky chocolate to dark chocolate. The palette is endless and full of various of flavors and nuances.

  1. My first outfit proposal is a combination of soft, warmth and comfort in one place. The wide brick red sweater perfectly combines with these slim striped pants. In my everyday life I prefer to wear low boots with small heels which brings a strong and at the same time elegant sense. An integral part of my wardrobe is my favorite hats with large brims and big bags like briefcases.

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  1. I love this time of the year when all stores offer us a huge choice of soft sweaters that you can safely use as an overcoat, until the weather is not so cold. My second outfit proposal for you is a such a sweater – lovely and fluffy, in iridescent blue shades. It is combined with a leather skirt. The key in combining a leather skirt with a top is the material which the top is made of to be in contrast with the strictness of the leather.

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  1. Wine red or burgundy – this is the nuance which I adore for autumn. This color always brings me a nice and warm mood in the cold days. For this third outfit proposal I chose a combination of long soft vest in burgundy color, a classic denim shirt and black trousers with an interesting finish. I decided to combine the burgundy vest with colder and contrasting color shirt and pants. For accessory I prefer a bag type “bucket bag”, a brown bracelet with beads and glasses with red wine frames.

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  1. Some time ago I shared with you that the color which I associate with summer is the sea blue. I love this gentle nuance and even the cold weather can’t stop me choosing it regularly. For this fourth outfit proposal I have chosen a lovely summer accent. I combined the straight blue trousers with a white shirt and high heels with white tip.

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  1. The delicate pastel shades that were fashionable in the previous seasons, will be an instant hit this autumn. Baby blue or pink cream, but why not the both? In the end I have chosen a gentle outfit proposal, which is a combination of two of my favorite pastel shades. Pink is the color that will rule the autumn wardrobe. I chose to combine a soft vest with a baby blue shirt and dark slim jeans for contrast.

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Which of those five outfit proposals is your favorite, friends?

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