Lighted by the sun and inspired by TOM FORD SOLEIL


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Tom Ford is one of my greatest summer inspirations, surely some of you remember last September when I told you more about the blue lagoon in Kefalonia and I introduced you to two new aromatic additions – Tobacco Vanille and Eau de Soleil Blanc which at that time we had taken with us on this adventure, nevermind, I will remind you quickly here

This September, we’re peeking into the beauty world of a great muse of mine and recreating a sun-light makeup entirely with the products of Mr. Ford of the SOLEIL series. (They are available in Bulgaria only at Delirium Exclusive.)

I had the opportunity to test the TOM FORD foundation for the first time and I was quite pleasantly surprised. The packaging is stylish but also practical, with a concern for a more sustainable future, because you do not have to buy a brand new foundation when it’s empty, just replace the applicator. The product itself is easily spread with a flat brush, at least personally I prefer so, it gives a gentle to medium coverage on the face, with SPF 45 and definitely moisturizes the skin. A product that besides beauty gives you additional care.

Undoubtedly, my two favorite products from the collection are the SHEER HIGHLIGHTING DUO and the SOLEIL GLOW BRONZER, because with them I add exactly that magical sun shine that illuminates the face which Mr. Ford wanted to weave into every product from this series. The highlighter itself contains light-reflecting pigments, while the bronzing powder perfectly fixes the makeup and gives the face a light and super natural tan. I use the Tom Ford Soleil Bronzing brush because it delivers the product perfectly and the brush itself is small, compact and comfortable to carry in a handbag. The interesting thing is that with these two products (highlighter and bronzing powder) I can also do my eye makeup super fast, easy and natural.

For a finishing touch on the lips I put a little bit of ULTRA SHINE LIP COLOR in the NUBILE shade and for even more shine I add a few drops on my hands and legs with SOLEIL BLANC SHIMMERING BODY OIL, which softens and gently scents the skin, very nicely overlays with Eau de Soleil Blanc. This is my makeup inspiration with SOLEIL, now all I have to do is steal some more sunshine at the end of September to completely shine.

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