Winter nostalgia…


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It is the end of January soon. I almost took all of my exams. The sun is beginning to shine brighter and the snow is melting little by little, but I am still in Christmas mood. I can’t explain myself this nostalgia… I can’t accept that February is on his way. Maybe the lack of calendar for 2016 at my home constantly brings me back in 2015 where everything seems familiar and clear. Maybe the truth is that I am becoming sentimental while I am preparing myself for the winter session. Whatever the reason is I need quickly to get out of this phase, because so many new projects are expecting me that you can’t even imagine.

Although there is not much of that beautiful white snow left on the streets in Sofia, Kalo and I managed to find a beautiful spot for shooting again. Now I am giving you the opportunity to enjoy our winter symphony.



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Parka – POESSE

Shirt – H&M

Jeans – ZARA

Shoes – Timberland

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