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Lush really pleasantly surprised me with their gift box “Hello Gorgeous”. That is no lie that I adore every kind of essence products for bath and I couldn’t resist them. I think that the box contains “the healthy” with “the nicely”. There are 3 products that I will start using and 2 which I totally fall in love with.

What products contains in the box:

Big blackcurrant bubbles – The Comforter 200 g

Exfoliating shower gel  – Rub Rub Rub 130 g

Body lotion  – Vanilla Deelite 100 g

Hydrating face cream – Gorgeous 10 g

Blooming lovely bath time – Sakura

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 The Comforter

This product is not randomly called “The Comforter”. It is so warming, relaxing and encouraging. When you feel like you need to get a rest from the world, soak yourself in to this pink bath and let the oils to embrace you in a comforting hug with the aroma of forests fruits.


Rub Rub Rub

This product contains everything necessary for the spring skin treatment and cleaning. The sea salt exfoliates gently, cleans and it is mineral rich. This blue exfoliant is makes you surprisingly fresh, with a bit of lemon and tropical smell of a mimosa. Just get into the shower and enjoy the unbelievable scent and the feeling of freshness.


Vanilla Deelite

Incredible smoothing vanilla lotion for body and hands. It is made from lovely light oils, including Hawaiian tamanu, organic coconut water and vanilla. Use it for hydrating your skin. Amazing scent and a very comfortable package.



Sometimes, only the best things are completing the work. Light, tender emulsion of 6 marvelous oils – pressed fresh pineapples, organic lemons and oranges, honey water from orange blossom, etheric oils from neroil oil and myrrh. The cream hydrates and it is suitable for every kind of skin. Real treasure.



Sakura is one of the products that I liked the most. This pretty bath bomb takes you to a heavenly place while you are enjoy your warm bath. It is relaxing, when the beautiful aroma of the mimosa and jasmine embrace you and gives you the nice feeling of spring.


What I have always liked in the Lush cosmetics is that they are manufacturing effective products from fresh fruits and vegetable, rich palette of etheric oils and it is from a safe synthetic. Everything is handmade, with very little or no preservatives at all. They are brought up with a original and unique way. Besides that, “Lush” ‘s politics and values are all about no testing on animals. For more information and their products, as well as their mission, you can find on their website – www.lush.com.

To be continued…

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