Diamond microdermabrasion at home with “Glo-Me”


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I don’t know if you come across with topics related to “diamond microdermabrasion at home,” but I was very immersed and read different posts and reviews on the topic and I was determined to get a similar device. In the end I settled on “Glo-Me Microdermabrasion“, because I watched several positive reviews about this brand on YouTube and came across an attractive discount on www.po-krasivi.bg too and decided to experiment.

For nearly two months I have used the device on average three times a week and certainly I don’t regret for my choice. The idea itself of diamond microdermabrasion is to remove upper layer of dead skin through exfoliation. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and increases the density of the epidermis. Personally I noticed a positive change in my skin after the first week. It became softer, more elastic, clean and fresh, I noticed a significant reduction of small imperfections, as well as the forming of new ones. The nice thing about the device is that you can see the result immediately on the small black filters.


The only drawback that I noticed was the lack of different size attachments because the area around my nose is difficult to treat with the attachment included in the set. But overall I was pleased with the “Glo-Me” and I would recommend it to people with really sensitive skin, because it will certainly improved. The device is recommend even for removing fine wrinkles on the face, which I intend to test with my mother soon.

What do you think in general about the diamond microdermabrasion at home? I would love to know more about your experience in the battle for beautiful skin. : )



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