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If you are like me and every day you enjoy а cuddly and purring pet at home, you will certainly understand my fear of having any Christmas decorations at home. Bebo (my cat) every year wants to be the star on the top of the Christmas tree, knocks down everything, scatters toys all around the house and then if “I’m lucky” Bebo throws up garlands and different parts of the Christmas tree. Overall, the story is repeated every year but this year I decided not to put Christmas decorations at home but only in our studio, which is actually our workplace and office and we spend a lot of time there. And most importantly – Bebo has no access to it. Yeah!

This year my friends from Element store and “Beauty and good spirit” shops took care of our Christmas. They can please every taste and desire. I wanted to create a slightly different Christmas spirit, more minimalistic, that would fit entirely with the style of our studio.

At this time of year I’ve always shown you different ideas for gifts, but this year I decided to show you what I got ( or expect to receive) from Santa Claus. My wish list is not so big, but on the other hand – very wanted:

I don’t think I’ve shared with you until now, but I’m seriously addicted to aromatic candles. Every autumn, winter and spring I create warmth and coziness with various scents at home, but until now I didn’t have candles that combined fragrance, design and durability so well like those from I/TEMS. They are manually poured into a metal container (super cool design and packaging), contain various essential oils and a special formula for perfect burning. I strongly recommend the Black Vanilla scent and I will ask Santa Claus for the Sandalwood and Rose scents.

It turned into something like a tradition for Kalo and I to give each other sweets and different cups for no reason, it’s essential that we buy two (one for him and one for me). We have a whole collection of cups and, for now, we haven’t broken any. Best of all – these gifts are not planned, they just happen on their own, and this is my favorite part. So, Kalo (Santa Claus), if you read this, I loved a family of owls with a wooden lid and a spoon in the “Beauty and good spirit” shops, just so you know.

Beside from my humble desire, Kalo and I were unanimous that we don’t want to give each other material gifts but rather treat ourselves to a new amazing journey. Soon we start with the plans and the organization and I can’t wait anymore to share with you.

For the finale I left the biggest gift which I haven’t planned to ask for until recently (well, I was thinking about it, but I still didn’t have the opportunity to prove Kalo that it’s really worth it), but after we were able to test it for a week, the new robot vacuum cleaner Samsung VR7000M, we quickly started to want this robot everyday at home or more specifically in our studio because we desperately need it there. We don’t have much space and time, we come here only when we have meetings and work and it’s a super convenient solution for us. It has 3 cleaning styles that you can set up in advance for up to 7 times a week. You load it and the robot just does everything, even comes alone to the docking station to reload when the battery is dead. It scans the room and looks for the most convenient and quick way to clean it perfectly, recognizes obstacles and different surfaces and is relatively quiet, it doesn’t get in the way and you can do anything else while it works. It was hard for me to believe that this robot would be able to clean up everything so well, but this little friend is really a look into the future, and it’s white (it fits perfectly with our interior), doesn’t take up much space and is a super cute attraction.

And what’s your wishlist for Santa Claus? What will you give yourself?


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