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Recently, I’ve bump into this amazing chocolate addiction but guess what… you don’t gain weight from it. Are there other better ways to start your morning with chocolate… under the shower? Yep, the summer trend this year are few products from “The Body Shop” and they surprised me so pleasantly. Combine these 2 products (exfoliator and body oil/butter) for a maximum long lasting chocolate feeling during the day.



Rich aroma of dark chocolate and freshness. The scrub itself leaves your skin moist, nice and clean. It contains richness of cocoa oil and organic cane sugar. It removes the dead cells on your skin and it leaves your body fresh and energetic and at the same time soft and smooth. I have the feeling that I am showering with a chocolate mousse because the smell of it is so strong and real that even makes me want to try it every time.



The oil with the essence of chocolate is the addition which makes your skin smell tempting even for longer. It is an absolute best-seller of the cosmetic brand “The Body Shop”. Amazing product, which moistures, smells amazing and it leaves the skin soft and smooth with a chocolate smell. Chocomania Body Butter will make your skin 24 hour hydrated. It has butter-ish texture which is thicker than body lotions. It is suitable for dry skin, but my skin is normal and it doesn’t make it oily. I highly recommend it.


An amazing and nice combination which I am quite fond of. The only thing I might not quite like is sometimes the smells gets strong and I wished it was eatable :/ You can feel the aroma for about 6-7 hours which is quite impressive for that kind of or product. I haven’t use many of the “The Body Shop” ‘s products but I definitely got to like and admire their body lotions and I will definitely try other things too.

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