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There is no other city like Milano in the summer. So alive, wild, beautiful and glamorous. A 2 hour-away magic from Sofia. I got used to go there for a day or two and get myself into this different world. You can’t even imagine how this city charges me. It is so relaxing and a great break from your daily life. I always come back home, more positively and motivated to work. Try to give yourself so magical time to rest, it is worth it.


So, I have recently caught up an episode of “Sex and the City” on TV, where Carrie Bradshow (the main character) was coming to Paris and was wearing an outfit, all in black and white. Her skirt was in this color combination and on stripes. In our case, I chose a lovely, casual dress, very easy to wear in the classical black and white zig zag stripes. The other thing is that, we are not in Paris, we are in Milano where fashion and the glamorous style is as amazing.

As you can see, I chose to wear the dress (by H&M) in a more casual way, for a walk with a pair of sneakers. The good thing about it, that you can wear it in the evening with heels and jewelries, looking classy and elegant, as well as during the day – looking simpler yet good. The most interesting about this dress is that it is not just on stripe, but on a zig zag ones, catchy to the eyes and elevating the “tour outfit” on an another level. If you feel like accessoring, you can put a nice, white, light (you know, from the thin ones) scarf, for instance. Use your imagination, add more to express your own taste, if you’d like.

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Milano.MintStories from Mint Stories on Vimeo.

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