The classic colours – strawberry red (by H&M)


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Hey mints, like I said before, this month will be dedicated to the classical colors – beige, red, white and black. We started the month with the beige style and today I will be showing you a simple red dress (by H&M) which I bought from my last time in Milano. I’ve noticed that there are many things available in the stores there but not in Bulgaria.

Anyway, I had the luck finding this lovely red dress which contains laces too. The accessory I chose is this blue clutch (by Warehouse). It has a longer handle but I’d rather wear it just like this. I added a necklace and some earrings, which are a precious present for me. The interesting thing is that they stay and look different on each color. The stone is from opalit and you can find them in most of the jewelry stores and malls. Like chameleons they complete the look. For the final, I am wearing black high heels from velour (by Mango) and they are my favourite pairs of shoes for this summer. They are so comfortable.

Red is the color which you can easily combine with. It says passion, elegance and classiness. You will always be noticed with it. I chose blue accessories, simply because it says beach, seaside, and summer. I’d be interested in how are you guys going to combine the red with?


IMG_5017-1 IMG_5008-1 IMG_5160-as-Smart-Object-1

IMG_5172-1 IMG_5056-1 BeFunky Collage

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