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Friends, I keep you present my favorite products that I’ve used to take care of my hair. In this post, I want to emphasize the natural cosmetics, which is more easy to find in stores. Almost everywhere you can find products that are free of silicones, parabens, paraffins, and the only all natural ingredients. But the question is are they as good and effective as the other products!?


Recently I came across an elixir for hair “Poly’s Garden” (from Casyopea), which can be used in many ways, but I only use it as a mask on dry hair, which sit almost 3-4 hours. This method of use is my interpretation, but it affects in my hair very well. The product is a combination of natural oils for deep nourishment and hydration. My hair is dry at the ends and needs very deep restoration and nourishment. On the packaging writes that the elixir can be added to shampoo that is being used or to be used as crystals for easy combing, but for me personally it is not appropriate, because my hair is thin and loses it’s volume. In completely natural composition has oils Pumpkin seeds, avocado, jojoba oil, grapefruit, almonds and Vitamin E. In my opinion the elixir worth, but should be left for a longer time (at least several hours) with it if you use it as a mask, to really feel the effects from the first time. You can find it in all stores Casyopea.


My shampoo for everyday use is “All Nature“. The products of the brand are more than 95% natural composition and a very affordable price, I think. I use the kit (shampoo and balsam) with honey and lime blossom. I can boldly say that the most pleasant scent I’ve ever felt from shampoo. Pure scents of honey, which is not at all intrusive.


The balsam has a very nice package with atomizer which makes it easier. Relatively lightweight formula that gently nourishes and leaves hair feeling healthy after blow-dried. It has the same amazing scent as the shampoo. Suitable for normal to dry hair, as is mine. I use it only at the edges, where I need, avoiding the roots. Combing the hair is then relatively easy, but I use extra crystals.


Cosmetics is individual thing, friends. To me personally these products affect very well, but that does not make them automatically available to you. Each of these brands is readily apropiate and you can find out which product is best for you. I wish you a wonderful month and remember that birthday of MintStories is approaching. You can expect wonderful surprises very soon.

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