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Hey guys, I decided to dedicate in my next few beauty post about my favourite products which I use to maintain and care for my face, body and hair. Some of them, I’ve used before, some of them I recently discovered, and the others are gifts or randomly found. Of course, this is my own experience and opinion because every product has a different effect on each person, so that is why my advice is to try, research and look for the best product suitable for you.

Starting with my face care products. I am introducing my last 2 products that I’ve been using for few weeks and had the opportunity to make my own opinion about them.


Face cream Aqua Vita (APIVITA)

I don’t know if you guys know it yet, that APIVITA cosmetics is made or almost made of (85% to 100%) natural ingredients. All of their products are paraben, silicon, artificial colorings and fresheners free. This is the thing I am definitely looking for in the first place in a product – natural and nothing more. That is why I stopped by their cream “Aqua Vita” which is made of chaste tree and propolis extract. On the package it says that it is 95% natural. It has different varieties for different sskin types (mine is for normal). You can use in the morning and in the evening but I use it mostly in the evening after I wash my face. I noticed that it absorbs very fast and makes the skin soft, elastic and tender. There is no specific smell that can bother you. It has a relaxing effect which I noticed and it hydrates and tones well. I definitely recommend it, the price is pretty decent, I think, for such this kind of product and its role.


Face mask/scrab with berries (APIVITA)

My other accession is again from this brand and it is 2 in 1 – scrab which has the functions of a mask as well. I use it on a clean skin and softly massage so the little pieces of the scrab can clean my face appropriately. I let it work 5-10 min and then I rinse my face with water. The interesting thing is that in the end there is nothing left to clean. The mask is white in the beginning and then it gets transparent. I can feel my skin soft and clean. I usually use face gel which has small pieces for deep exfoliation but it makes my skin dry. That is why this I like this scrab because when I let it do it mask duties, it maintains my skin and makes it silky. There are others mask products of this brand and I will choose another one to try on soon because I’m extremely happy of it.


These are some parts of the things I use for a daily care for my face. What products do you guys use? I’m looking forward to hear your suggestion and opinion!

Await for another part!

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