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Hey guys, like I promised, this month I will show you my favorite products which I treat my face, body and hair. In my last beauty post I introduced you to my face products by APIVITA. I will soon continue to write on that topic so make sure you follow the site to keep updated and maybe catch up with some useful and interesting things too, I hope.

Today I want to talk about my hair products which I use. I have a huge experience with so many brands but taking care of that part of you, needs a lot of effort especially if you are a woman. There aren’t many products that I am happy or fully satisfied with but years passing by, I learned how to choose the best shampoo and hair mask for myself. My hair is thin and it needs a lot of care so it can look good. The color of my hair is dark blonde and I’ve never dyed it. Unfortunately, I treat my hair a lot like straightening it, curling, making it voluminous etc. With the desire to make our hair look good, we make it weaker.


One of the brands which can make my hair alive is PHYTO. I use the whole package (shampoo, mask and reliving cream-serum) „Phytokeratine extreme” once a week because I like switching my shampoos and it can be a bit heavier for my hair. These products can recover your hair from the first application thanks to the plant keratin which it contains. The whole set is awesome but I think it is not for everyday use.



The shampoo is for highly damaged hair and after using it, your hair can’t be with its full volume but I think it is obvious. That is why I recommend using it only two or three times a month. The shampoo cleans gently and renovates. I feel my hair very healthy, elastic and soft afterwards. It contains 95% natural ingredients (no sulfates, silicone or parabens) which I am fond of.



I am satisfied with the mask the most, if I have to be honest. A very rich and creamy texture which helps me to split my hair easily. The box says that it contains 85% natural ingredients (no silicone and parabens). I put it mainly on the ends of my hair so my roots won’t be dragged down. It has a light and nice aroma. It is recommended for the mask to stay about 2-3 min then rinse off but I always stay with it for about 10-15 minutes for a stronger effect.


Cream serum:

This is the product from this set that I use daily. A hair maintaining cream which also has a thermo protecting effect for up to 220 degrees. I use it on damp hair and only in the ends so they won’t break. I noticed that it smoothes my hair and styles it. It doesn’t make the hair heavier and oilier. Also, the products has a high percent of natural ingredients as well – 94%.


My impressions of this set of PHYTO are positive but have in mind that every product has a different effect on different people. For me personally, it is not suitable for everyday use because I have a thin hair and it takes away my volume but that is not a problem because I switch my hair products often. I will soon tell you about other products which I am happy with for my healthy and beautiful hair.

Kisses and see you soon!

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  • KL
    June 5, 2015

    Thank you for this post. I will try it! :*

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