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One unexpected journey took us this time to South Bulgaria, Plovdiv Province, where the small village Zhitnitsa lies. There, some people who love riding created and maintain a stable with over twenty horses – small, large, gentle and wild, each with its own identity and name. Their day begins before the sun rises, while the whisper and echo of the crickets song is still heard. Everything for the sake of adoring what they do. The inspiration to be at the right place and to be happy with what you are doing, otherwise you can’t do it. The willingness to learn from the horse, not just to make it serve you blindly, to communicate in such a way that you can master its divine language perfectly. Whether you are on the ground beside him or on his back, you two are one whole. You can learn so much from your horse by touching it, discovering a way to read the signs of its body, its gaze, its breath – it’s a force like no other and at the same time it gives you the ability to possess it.

For me this is a divine touch, incomparably better than the most beautiful views I have ever seen around the world, because it’s a type of energy that stays in you for a long time after. Unfortunately, a scary number of horses are still forced to bear the burden of the needs of our ego. This is our human nature, which I have accepted a long time ago. I’m still trying to get used to it. But the horse also has temperament, its character is the same as in a human – some are very cunning and sensitive, they feel your fear and your suspicion and don’t accept you, others help you in the ride and they allow you so close, even if you don’t deserve it, but they are all good. There are no bad horses, but there are some too free-spirited, I think.

This was not my first ride, but it was probably the most conscious one. I overcame my fear and let these animals for the first time near me. I met 4 different characters, some were connected as a mother and daughter, but it turned out they had forgotten that long ago. The first step I made with Pamira which helped me to overcome my fear. She allowed me so close, I saw the confidence in her eyes and she – my admiration. Then I stepped in with the most beautiful among them – the gray Katerina, who was paying attention and look out for my bare feet, protected me and I really adored her. And Dara Bubamara showed me that as in life not everyone will be good and will keep an eye on me. She was a character I couldn’t manage to tame. She wanted to rule and I allowed her because I’m good or because I’m weak, I don’t know, but I’ll always remember her. She showed me a game in which if you don’t grab the moment and the chance instantly, it may never appear again. On the other hand, Katerina’s mother, Exotica, gave me the emotion of riding alone for the first time and with her we are almost the same age.

In the Classic High School I adored the story of Alexander the Great with his Bucephalus – the wild horse. Alexander was able to tame it even though he was so young because only he noticed that the horse was afraid of its own shadow and he turned it so that the horse doesn’t see it. As obstacles in life, which apart from having our eyes, we must have a heart and soul to overcome. And only when you love, you really live.


Place – Horse riding “Trakiec”

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Pants, Shirt and Dress – Weekend by Max Mara

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