Total look up to 95$. Is it possible?


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A week ago, I asked you on Instagram and Facebook whether you would be interested if I create a new section inspired by budget outfits to a certain amount or how to be more practical and clever in your purchases. Is it at all possible? Absolutely, we just need to know when, where and what is best to purchase. The last one is especially important because our wardrobes are full of “emotional purchases” that we always say “I will wear it” but we don’t and the quality of some brands certainly doesn’t justify the original price. On the other hand the discounts can be super tempting but also very insidious… So it’s good to be more careful and to organize your shopping in advance. Open your wardrobe and see exactly what you need. It may be that you don’t need anything in particular but you just want to refresh your existing wardrobe or buy something new, just like that, that’s not a problem but you should embark on your shopping with a clear idea. This will save you time and you will not even risk spending more than you anticipated.

I think that the large discounts make us even bigger consumers. “It’s a great price, wow, why wouldn’t I buy it!?” You know, right? That’s why I’ve built up a rule for me that for classical models (like boots, coats, denim and some accessories) it’s good to invest in better quality fabrics because I will wear them a lot longer. Accordingly, if I’ve fallen in love with some trend pieces the discounts are the right moment to find them at a much lower price, exactly as I did this time. Often, I even set a limit for an amount that I should not exceed. That way I save a lot of time from unnecessary shopping, I have an inner sense of balance and I am not tempted by unnecessary purchases.

Here is my shopping temptation with trend pieces up to 95$ everything, and expect soon more suggestions on the topic where I will show you budget views of second hand shopping, online shopping and more. Stay tuned!


Jacket –  LC Waikiki – 35$

Sweater – Zara – 20$

Pants – LC Waikiki – 25$

Bag – Reserved – 5$

Eyewear – Forever 21 – 10$


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