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The euphoria around Black Friday is huge and I felt in love mostly after the trip to Bucharest. As you remember I was invited on a conference right after that by Fashion Days at thе Black Friday campaign. The CEO of the brand – Robert Berza, said that Fashion Days will offer something really special this year. So for them it’s really one of the most significant events of the year and the preparation is huge. By the way the Romanians themselves are buying a lot online on that day – even expensive stuff like diamonds, real estate etc. In Bulgaria things are a bit different, as we’re not so brave yet to trust our choices online. Honestly, that Friday I am not going out to shop, to wait hours in a traffic and to inflict that hell again – literally last year they pulled a dress from my hands. No, thank you. Things are much easier now!

My Black Friday will be cosy and warm – at home in front of the computer with a cup of strong coffee. I’ve checked some stuff in advance so that I can prevent myself purchasing something unnecessary (we are saving for new trips in 2018) and I have decided to buy only a few things I really need (long coat, sweaters, long dress for my new boots, Kalo’s jacket and new sleeping set). I added them to my Wishlist in order to follow them up more easily.

My inspiration is obvious. It carries black hue, it emits a biased symbolism. Black can symbolize everything you know? From happiness to sadness, charisma to total undercover, from elegance to lack of any taste, from start to the finish. I avoid wearing black but still can not skip it completely. It’s strange. Black sometimes seems like misunderstood poetry. Everybody are interpret it as they want and as they feel it. That is how I feel it today. MAKE A WISH! IT’S BLACK FRIDAY!


Photos, Video & Retouch – Ioan Kralev and Kaloyan Hristov

Makeup – MAC cosmetics

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  • Ивелина
    November 27, 2017

    Влюбена съм в тази кафе чаша (имам някаква нездравословна страст към тези неща). Страхотна е! : )
    От къде е ?

    P.S. Този грим направо те преобразява и изглеждаш невероятно!
    Целувки :*

    • MintStories
      November 27, 2017

      Благодаря ти много, Ивелина! :*

      Чашата е от преди много години от една празнична серия на AVON, супер неочаквано попадение.

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